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The Edge of Silence 

​​“Come and experience the healing benefits of harmonic vibrations produced by Himalayan singing bowls, Gongs and other sound instruments made out of ancient metals, clay and wood”

We have been extremely blessed to be able to put together some wonderful sets of antique Himalayan Singing Bowls that we work with (thanks to all of you that have been instrumental in this and you know who you are!)​


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2839 Cornerstone Dr., #5, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Standing by my Nepalese Singing Bowl Gong

Welcome to The Edge of Silence!

Song of the Universe "Vibration"

(Sound Healing Therapy)


• Deep relaxation

• Stress reducer (emotional/physical)

• Quality time to work on oneself

• Potential curative treatment without the use of drugs

• Pain reducer of targeted areas of the body

• Positively affects mood

• Helps with exhaustion from sleeplessness

• Individual Sessions
• Group Sessions
• Antique Singing Bowls For Sale ​


About Us

The pursuit of silence has been my journey.  When I heard my first Himalayan singing bowl played, the most remarkable thing occurred, the chattering in my head stopped.  The vibration and tones, which vary with each bowl, took me on a journey were words are not necessary. I had gone to a place of remembering silence, without the thought of remembering.  What was amazing is that I found it easier than meditation.  No effort was needed.

So inspired by the singing bowl, I traveled all across the country to find them. It wasn’t long before I had quite a few antique bowls in my care. With the help of others who are experts in the field of singing bowls and putting in my own time, I have developed various harmonic sets that I use in my own practice.  It has become a loving passion to share this gift of vibrational silence with others.

I am a graduate of the Singing Bowl Master Level Program developed by Mitch Nur, Ph.D.  This program gives students an understanding of the cultural uses, history, scientific evaluation, and application of both ancient and modern Himalayan Singing Bowls.​ Dr. Nur is also instrumental in teaching the very same elements about the use of gongs in our practices. As a result, I have added more gongs to my collection that round out the entire sound experience.

Tom standing by the Nipple Gongs in our new studio.

If you have been blessed to be the care taker of one or more bowls or simply thinking about purchasing your first one, questions invariably arise about where they came from, how were they made, and by whom?​


My journey into sound therapy was based largely on my desire to support my wife’s path of helping others through singing bowls and gongs.  My own career as a Psychotherapist and Administrator for Mental Health Programs over the past 40 years provided me with some insight into her desire to find a path that gave her personal meaning and a way to help others.  Little did I know that we would end up on this path together.
One day, as we were setting up her gongs for a practice session, Linda asked me if I wanted to try playing the gongs.  I told her I was happy being her “roadie” and that I was content just doing the heavy lifting.  Long story short,  I took a few short lessons from her and the next thing I knew, we were composing a gong presentation.  We arranged to perform a Gong Meditation for a couple of groups over a weekend and received many positive reviews by its participants.
We traveled one weekend to Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico to hear gong concerts presented by her Teacher Mitch Nur.  After that I enrolled in Mitch’s “Gong Camp” and am now pursuing my own certification as a Master Gong Practitioner, utilizing both my skills as a Psychotherapist and as a Sound Therapist.  It is an exciting prospect to pursue a joint adventure with my Life’s Partner.