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Aspen mallets are the bomb.  Yes, product of Colorado

Titanium bell beauties from Ross Barrable

Bowls are placed above, to the side and underneath for optimum vibration!

Can you see the Copper in some of these bowls? Not considered a defect!

Linda learning the fine techniques of playing the gong

Linda playing her new baby, the Contra B

Bowl has been shaped, but more hammering to do

Fun and relaxation can be found in the studio!

Contra B Burmese Nipple gong - 34 inches

The start of a new singing bowl being made in Katmandu

My grand-daughter with a jewel of a bowl

For fun and education

Metals have been melted and are now being poured

Katmandu, Nepal 2014

Up close, two bowls at once being hammered

Yes, even the new bowls are hand hammered

Getting the shine on in Katmandu

Opportunity to pick out antiques in person, what a blessing this was

Intergalactic Master Control (says my teacher)

Comos - a 38" Italian gong from Grotta Sonora

The true start of a new singing bowl

Here is what goes into the fire when ready to make a singing bowl

Sorry folks, this one not for sale

My Adventures to Katmandu

A very fine cup bowl

The product of a lot of hard work - new singing bowls of all sizes

Our teachers, Mitch Nur, Ph.D and his wonderful wife Michelle guided us on a most memorable trip to Katmandu - 2014!

The Edge of Silence 

​​“Come and experience the healing benefits of harmonic vibrations produced by Himalayan singing bowls, Gongs and other sound instruments made out of ancient metals, clay and wood”