May 2017

​Having just attended my first event featuring gongs and signing bowls, I was completely amazed of what I experienced.  Thinking that I was to hear crashing and banging, but to my surprise, the unbelievable sounds that were emitted, started from a point that could not be determined from the dimly lit theatre.  Gradually rising in volume and pitch that I would never imagine could come from a gong.  I am looking forward to the next event.  Just amazing!

Chris P.

December 2018

A very profound and beautiful experience. I feel transported to the depths of the ocean with the whales and also inward to a place of deep and complete peace. Ahhhh-mazing space, energy, people, and whole experience.
Melissa E.

January 2019

My husband and I have been attending the public gong events with Linda and Tom Bonde and have also gifted ourselves with a series of couple's sessions over the past few months. We have experienced positive results including improved mobility, less joint stress & pain, and wonderful, deep sleep. We both find these sessions extremely relaxing, and always drift easily away into a deep meditative state. Even hours, and sometimes days after a gong bath, we can still feel the vibrational patterns traveling through our bodies, thus allowing the healing effects to continue. There is nothing more primal than vibration and sound, and during these powerful gong sessions, be prepared to be transported within your being and open yourself to healing on a profound level. Thank you, Tom and Linda for offering this valuable gift of sound therapy!
 Catherine and Lincoln F.

January 2019

​​​Relaxing, Healing, lovely space

V ictoriaM.

June 2019

I attended a very heartfelt, authentic sound healing event including gongs, harp and short guided meditation.  The space and the hosts provided all that was needed for profound shifts in energy to occur.  I left feeling blessed and uplifted.  Thanks!

​Cheryl B.

July 2019

Have been to two of the sound journeys now and they were truly the most beautiful and transcendental experiences I've participated in. Especially if you're traveling and just passing through Pagosa Springs, this experience is a MUST. Nowhere in the world will you find this exact experience because the gongs and instruments used are one of a kind and hand chosen by the facilitators, who are masters of the practice.

Darcy V.

August 2019

​We attended an hour long immersion. Delightful! Much of the sound wasn't what I would have thought could come from gongs. Must be experienced to be appreciated.

Larry M.

August 2019

A beautiful experience that puts you into an altered state of consciousness. they create remarkable sounds when playing the gongs, almost like a musical instrument, but of course with greater resonance.
Evelyn M.

​​“Come and experience the healing benefits of harmonic vibrations produced by Himalayan singing bowls, Gongs and other sound instruments made out of ancient metals, clay and wood”

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